Humor is one of the best tools that a marketer has. Take a look at some of the world’s most viral advertisements; most of them become popular because of how utterly hilarious they are. In the same way, using humor effectively for your website, social media, and other online efforts can have great benefits. You build good will, and become far more memorable.

Making people laugh is much harder than it looks, however, especially when you try to do it over the internet. Learn the basic rules first, and what you need to avoid.

1. Know your audience – Humor is far from universal. You might be able to make your best friend laugh with a cat joke, but that’s because you know his tastes and preferences. A more mature audience, though, might simply roll their eyes. When writing your content, optimize your humor for whatever your typical customer might enjoy.

2. Keep it short – The best jokes are the short ones, and this is especially true online. Nobody is going to stick around while you slowly build up towards the punch line, even if it actually is really good. Keep it short, memorable, and clever.

3. Skip the sarcasm – Even when you get to use exaggerated facial gestures and a half mocking tone of voice, people still tend to misinterpret sarcasm in real life. How much worse do you think it will be when you start being sarcastic online? A good portion of your customers will likely take what you say seriously, and this can be disastrous.

4. Be careful with trends – On one hand, humor is all about opportunism. Then again, there is nothing that looks more fake than a company riding on the bandwagon for cheap laughs. If you plan to use a trending topic for one of your attempts at humor, then do it in a fresh and creative way.

5. Don’t offend – Finally, the most important rule is to never write anything that can offend people, or damage your brand’s reputation. You don’t have to be a boring goody two shoes, but tread carefully; one wrong move and you will destroy far more than good will than what you have built up by trying to be funny.

Tasteful and clever humor is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition. It certainly isn’t easy to pull off, though. Need help with writing great content? Don’t worry, we here at ZooSEO can help, whether you want your website to sound strictly professional or casual and fun. Just give us a call, and let us discuss your needs.