If you’ve spent any amount of time working to optimize your site and to learn the tactics that are constantly changing to get your brand more noticed online, then you know how the game is continually transforming. Something that will never change though, is the need for quality content. Having original content which is relevant and unique is most essential. Material cannot be simply stuffed with key words and phrases and gain momentum for your brand.

So although your time is limited, it pays to spend it crafting amazing content that is click-worthy and compelling to your target audience. This is part of the content marketing services that ZooSEO provides. Below are four of the best tips and guidelines for creating copy that stands out.

1. Build Good Links

It may seem time consuming, yet accumulating appropriate backlinks for your content and website is imperative to boost your search engine rankings and in building your online reputation.

In your post and on your site, have links to social media channels, various blogs, and the pages and blogs of your partners. This establishes an increase of your authority and credibility as well as upping the awareness of your own site and content which affects your brands ranking in the SERPs. If you have compelling content, you will also build your links as others will send their visitors to your site.

building links

But please note – only link sites which are high quality and very relevant to your brand and industry. Linking solely for the sake of having links is a black hat ploy that can get you in trouble down the road. Be sure that each and every link on your site counts to get better results

2. Prioritize To Your Target Audience First

It may seem obvious, but it wasn’t that long ago when everyone was cramming in keywords and phrases catering more to the bots which crawl the content than to the actually living people who might read it. Not only is this unattractive for readers, but nowadays it will greatly harm your SEO campaign because Google will identify posts like this and give them much lower rankings.

target audience

Do not misunderstand, keywords are still important, they simply must be placed in your content more naturally.

Rather than catering to the crawling bots, generate material that is relevant, unique and is of great value to your target audience. There are many tools online that can help you in creating this great content. Basically, keep it precise and focused for the specific group of people you are aiming for.

3. Use Gifs, Pictures and Videos

Images that POP to the reader will make your content sell. Using the right gifs, videos and pictures will grab your reader’s attention like nothing else. Not including a visual with your content may render your article or post invisible to those who are looking as there is so much digital clutter clogging the internet. Choose interesting, high-resolution images that relate to your content and audience to grab their attention and get them to click on your content.

Use Gifs, Pictures and Videos

Creating amazing content doesn’t really change but only gets more structured and refined. The trend for quality content will not be going away but only become even more important. Three key aims of your content to keep in mind when writing would be for it to:

  1. Be able to solve a problem
  2. Be informative and address an Issue
  3. Be inspiring and enrich their lives

4. Create Clickable Headlines

The most important part of your site or post is the headline. It is the first thing your viewers will read and will either make them want to read more, or move on to another site. You want your headline to grab your viewers and create genuine curiosity. Make sure it also does not mislead the readers as to what the content is really about. Make sure the content delivers what the headline is highlighting so that you can maintain repeat traffic to your site

4. Create Killer Headlines

Since your headline is the first impression of what they will expect to come, it is imperative that your attention-grabbers be optimized to create interest and include keywords and phrases. It must be clear how reading this article will improve the life of the reader. Infographics, lists, and DIY / How to articles are click mongers. Explore many of the popular blogs in your niche to understand better the type of content that is being posted and how the headlines are crafted. If someone has cracked the code of how to reach your target audience, see what they are doing and gain inspiration and ideas from them.


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