If you have a business website you know that getting traffic to that site is your main goal. Even with a great website replete with helpful, well-written content it still has to be able to get discovered by a search engine. Business owners may need to go through a little DIY SEO to discover the proper keywords to get them and their content noticed.

Choose the Right Keywords

Choosing the best keyword for your business or brand cannot be understated in importance.  The content on a website has to have the keywords or keyword phrases that people are typing into a search engine. The search engine will take the phrases put in, and using certain algorithms, search over the Internet for websites that have those particular phrases and are also relevant. For example, if you were selling shoes; keywords like “men’s shoes” or “buy cheap shoes” might be what people are looking for.


  • Check keywords and phrases for search volume
  • Target your keywords and phrases specific for your brand, trade, and even location
  • Check your different website pages for what keywords and phrases you are using


It isn’t enough to have popular keywords though; a website needs to have the right keywords. Using search tools like the Google Wonder Wheel, or Google Trends, is a good way to determine how popular a given keyword actually is before focusing an entire article on it. A good example of this is the kind of people who use certain phrases. If a website owner is selling jewelry, then using the keyword “jewelry” might seem like a no-brainer. However, there will be a lot of competition over this one word.  Also, people who are just looking at jewelry and have no intention of buying will use this keyword as well. So you want to target you want to target your keywords a little more like “buy gold rings” or “cheap jewelry” or “silver necklaces” because there is both less competition over these phrases, and the people searching with them have a more definite idea of what they want. This results in more targeted traffic which will produce more actual leads and sales.

Practice Makes Perfect

DIY SEO is far from easy. It can take a lot of time, patience, practice, and unfortunately trial and error before a website owner gets used to choosing the right keywords and phrases. As a skill set though, SEO is an extremely valuable thing to have on hand.  Here at ZooSEO, we offer more in-depth consulting in keyword research, as well as onsite optimization for your website.