At the start of the new year, everyone’s eager to go on that diet or exercise regimen. The one thing people should never try to make thinner though, is their content. Knowing what thin content looks like isn’t just an important skill for SEO companies, but for their clients as well. Allowing small businesses to learn how search works can help them get the most out of their service.

Instant Content

Auto content is a technique that harkens back to the black hat days of SEO. In a nutshell, these are program generated articles that make no sense when read, but contain the targeted keywords. Imagine an entire article full of nonsense, pointing straight at your business. Doesn’t look too good does it? This is exactly why Google stopped rewarding such tactics long ago. Some companies persist with the old ways, and examples of auto content survive to this day.

Guilt by Association

Affiliate pages are harder to catch, as it takes some exploring to find one, but they fail the same way auto content does and lack any useful information for the user. E-commerce sites are the most vulnerable to affiliates since they need to create pages for every product on their catalogue.

A good example of an affiliate is when a product reseller displays a specific item from a source site, and displays exactly the same information as the original. Affiliates have real world consequences because it allows websites to steal online business from each other by ranking higher than the original, even though they have nothing new to offer.


Unlike affiliates that just rip off partner sites, scraped content isn’t even trying to hide its plagiarism. This happens when webmasters “scrape” content of the more reputable sites, and publish it on their own pages without adding any new information. Not only does this technique fail to offer any new information to users, it also reflects poorly on businesses when they get slapped with copyright infringement.

It seems as if the only way to avoiding thin content is to make everything from scratch, and that’s correct. Google wants users to get a refreshing take with the information they search for, and the only way to ensure that is through original and well though articles that can make people think. Fortunately, our team is willing to put in the hard work when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

If you want an SEO company that will make sure that the content is always updated with information and fresh POVs, contact us today. Our teams understand what Google and users are looking for when they get on the Internet, and deliver what they want.