In the world of Search Engine Optimization content is king. If you are just beginning on your journey of understanding SEO and are looking for some content marketing, here are a few things to get you started:

Keep it Fresh

There is a lot of information on the Internet. Strive to be current in your field and keep things up to date. That doesn’t mean adding new pages every day will boost your rankings, but adding new relevant pages and content will. If you can harness topics that are trending you will have a better chance of placing higher on Google search. By producing relevant content your site can take advantage of Google’s “Query Deserves Freshness” portion of their algorithm. The algorithm takes in to consideration how current and relevant the content is.

Add Value

Does your content add value? Is there any reason for someone to read it? These are real considerations when adding new content to your site. You want to be able to give visitors to your site a reason to come back. Having content that is valuable and unique gives the best chance for people to read, share, and return to your site.

Quality Keywords

Creating good content starts with doing keyword research. There are many different tools that can help you find out what people are searching for. After discovering what potential customers and clients are searching for, you will be able to effectively create content around these keywords. Knowing which keywords to use is half the battle, the other half is using them effectively. Using keywords in a natural way on your site will give you the best results.

Give Answers

Your future customers or clients are on Google searching for answers to specific questions. Giving them direct answers to their questions can be a very successful way to create quality content. Sites that are being used as sources for direct answers can be very effective. Your site will be viewed as a trusted source and can lead to an increase in traffic and customers to your site.

Creating great content for your site is a solid base to a great SEO strategy.