As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Google is making all searches, regardless of where or by whom they are performed, are encrypted, meaning that keyword data is no longer available for analysis. (If you haven’t, we posted about this yesterday – check it out.) There were two general responses to this from the marketing community – the first was mass panic that SEO as we know it is dead. The second said that this is good for SEO, because now people can focus on more than just keyword optimization. Here at ZooSEO, we’re certainly not in the panic camp. Rather, we see this as an opportunity, as well as a call to diversity.

For too long, SEO companies have been putting their trust in one thing or another. Often, this is finding keywords from Google, Bing, and other search engines to optimize pages for highly-searched keywords.

SEO diversity important

You can’t put all your SEO eggs in one basket, whether it’s Google, Twitter, or any other platform.


Sometimes, though, companies dedicate themselves wholly to a social media platform or throw all of their energy into producing videos. We believe that all of these are good, healthy sources from which to generate leads, but it’s not enough. Certainly, all of these platforms can be places where you can find great lead generation, and maybe one has worked for you more strongly in the past, but we’re learning that, even when it all seems to be going smoothly, we simply cannot put all of our trust in one platform.

Take the recent change in Google. Anyone who depended heavily on those keyword results from Google is really having a bad day now. And most other platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and more – are built for customers, or for themselves, and rarely for businesses. So if they think of something that will help them or their users, like encrypting searches, they’re not really going to consider the impact on SEO or on businesses. Something like this can and probably will happen again.

So How Do You Build Leads Now?

Diversify. It’s as easy as that. We need to do more than just adapt to changes in company policies. We need to ride all of these changes and make sure we stay ahead. This means finding and jumping on new SEO tactics as

Going for Google results is good, but it’s not best. That’s putting all your eggs in Google’s basket, which can be overturned pretty easily. So you branch out to social media, which is a good start. But what about traditional advertising? The old standbys still work, and can get you some more leads. Particularly for local businesses, never underestimate the power of regular off-line advertisement. Making videos will give you still more exposure, and may even get shared. And never neglect just making your website look good. The wider of a base you have holding up your SEO platform, the less likely it becomes that a disturbance in one of them will topple your results. they are available, but never stop using older tried-and-true techniques. If you feel like your current path isn’t working as well as you’d like, don’t give up on it but branch out. On the other hand, if you’re generating great leads and doing well, you’ll only improve your results by expanding your nets.

There are so many places to go with social media, and the options are only expanding. There’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Foursquare, and more. Personally, we think the Facebook craze is reaching its prime, while the next social media giant we’ll see coming up for lead generation is LinkedIn. The difficulty with social media sites is knowing how to connect with your audience – members of these different communities are looking for specific interactions when they go online, and each site has its own specialties. To have any success here, you need to know how to communicate in that particular arena. A businesslike buy/sell approach is usually exactly the wrong method. Find out where your customers spend their time, get to know those social media platforms, and connect with them that way.

Of course, when you’re running a regular business and trying to generate online leads on top of that, it’s hard to gain expertise in all the areas that benefit your search engine optimization. Fortunately, that’s where companies like ZooSEO come in, lending you their experience, training, and research to help you get that wide platform you need.

The face of SEO is constantly changing, and the only way your SEO campaign will stay afloat and even come out on top is to make sure that you don’t allow yourself to become overly dependent on one, two, or even three bases for your campaigns. Diversity is the way to go, and with diversity comes self-reliance. So next time a drastic change comes to one of the footholds for your campaign, you don’t need to fall. You’ll still be firmly rooted, and with only minor adjustments, you can move forward strongly.