Hey, it’s not a total upset.  Well, not yet, and Bing and Yahoo still have quite a ways to go if they want to overcome Google as the search engine giants, and it’s often difficult for people to switch from their preferred search engine to another one.  But the fact is, from March to April, Google’s portion of the search results slipped while Bing and Yahoo had positive increases.


Will “Look it up online” be shortened to “Bing it” before long?

Google’s portion of search results went from 67.1% to 66.5%, a 0.6% total loss of searches, while Bing went from16.9% to 17.3%.  That may not seem a large increase, but it is the first time that Bing’s percentage has gone over 17% of the total web results.  Yahoo, also, increased by 0.2%, reversing their previous downward trend.  The remaining 4-5% of search percentages are taken up by Ask and AOL.

While it’s hard to pin down for certain what is influencing the search results, it may well have to do with the “Bing It On” challenge, comparing Google’s search results to Bing’s in a blind test; after all, while people are often prejudiced to one side of an issue, they could be persuaded otherwise if they see proof they like.  In addition, their integration of Klatch to the main page search results may have affected searches.  Whatever the reason, Bing is definitely showing signs of progress.