If you’ve ever wanted to add an image to something – a book report, a blog post, a web site, and so forth – and you found just the right image online but you couldn’t find out about the copyright restrictions to know whether you can use it, breathe a sigh of relief.  Bing’s search engine has installed a new tool – a “search by license” tool – to help make things easier.

usage permissions search by license

The new Bing image search has been simplified for convenience, letting you find pictures depending on the permissions you want.

As announced by Bing on July 1st, this image search feature allows you to filter your searches by permissions.  You don’t have to look up the individual details of each photo to find out if you can use it; you’ll know as soon as you click.

As you can see in the picture, there are six search filters.  If you just want to find a picture, the “All” option lets you see everything Bing has for your search.

The “Public Domain” option lets you find all images that aren’t protected by intellectual property rights.  They may be old enough that the rights have expired, or they were forfeited or didn’t apply.  Such images are available for use by the general public.

Beyond that, the licenses are self-explanatory and search for rights in expanding circles.  No matter what use you have for the pictures you’re searching, you’ll find a filter to match the permissions you need.

Images on your blog or on your website tend to promote traffic, increase interest, and attract potential customers, so the importance of having a good image is never to be overlooked.  And this new search tool from Bing is making it easier to do find the images you need in a format you can use.