The signs may be early still, but wary SEO webmasters and others are noticing disturbances in keyword rankings for their pages that may point to a Google update sometime in May. has also recorded significant changes in Google rankings on Monday.  Several people have noted that these signs point to a major change.

Of course, these disturbances could be chance fluctuations, but keep your eyes peeled.  Updates in the Google algorithms always mean your page will be affected, hopefully for the better.  While an algorithm change isn’t certain yet, nor what or when it might be, it’s always a good idea to keep your page and your SEO up to date.  Just in case.


*Update: 5/9/2013

It appears that there is indeed a large Google update in the offing; signs continue to accumulate to indicate this.  As of yet, there are not official reports from Google saying what the update may be, but the webmaster forums across the internet are abuzz with proof that something is coming and speculation on what it may be.