google penguin

Sure, he looks cute now, but wait ’til you see him when he thinks he sees an ill-gotten link. Those beady little eyes can get nasty.

The bad news is, if your rankings went down when Google Penguin came out, it’s going to be a bit tough to recover. The mediocre news is, you’re not alone. Most people who got punched down in the rankings by a mean left hook from a flipper are having a hard time getting back up. This is mainly due to the fact that Google Penguin is looking more closely at links than Google has in the past. Therein is the good news, though; this means that the Google algorithm is doing what they’ve wanted it to do for a long time and finding all the possibly spammy or dishonest links.


Now, before you start getting upset about calling your links spammy, that’s not what we’re saying. The algorithm is new and still imperfect, but the sheer amount of data and analysis that’s going through at Google right now promises to make Penguin 2.0 (imagine a penguin version of the Terminator) much better at finding and combating dishonest SEO practices. So fear not if your website has taken a beating; if you keep up good link building practices, the robotic aquatic avian patrol will restore balance to the world. Or at least promote honest websites with good search engine optimization practices.