All small businesses now require some sort of digital marketing strategy and social media is an important part of this strategy. When starting out it is important that your social media is done right, and that you stay consistent to your brand. If you are struggling to do this effectively it is time to hire a brand marketing service to help accomplish your goals. Here are some social media mistakes to avoid:

Mistake 1: Not Creating a Social Media Strategy

You only have one chance to make a first impression with social media so it is important that you get it right. If you fail to create a social media strategy your company will always lag behind the competition. Make sure you create a plan around what you want to accomplish, choose a voice, and set some parameters. Establish reachable goals and continually evaluate, measure outcomes, and make adjustments.

Mistake 2: Only Talking About Your Brand

Building a good brand does not mean you spend all your time talking about it. You will want to use social media to inform your customers, share relevant content, and entertain. Speaking only about your brand will turn people off from following you on social media. Make sure to mix things up while keeping your ideal customer in mind.

Mistake 3: Stretching Yourself Too Thin

Don’t try to be everything to everybody from the beginning. Pick 2 or 3 social media platforms that make sense to your brand and work to perfect those before extending your reach. There is quite a bit of crossover between social media platforms which is helpful with content creation, but trying to grow an audience on several platforms at once is a recipe for failure.

Mistake 4: Not Being Social

Social media is just that, social. Make sure you are available to answer questions and respond to comments, good or bad. You want to engage in a timely manner with your customers to help them feel supported and to grow your online presence. This takes time and dedication and if this is not something your company can fulfill you might look to hiring a third party to help support your brand.

Mistake 5: Being Annoying

Learn the nuances of social media before you starting posting, pinning, and tweeting. Using too many hashtags or overgraming are rookie mistakes that will immediately turn potential customers off. Take some time to learn about the social media platform and study successful brands on that platform to see what they’re doing to make things work for them.