If the answer to that question is no or very little, then you need to start creating a video marketing strategy today. That is not an opinion. That is not hype. If you examine the behavior of Internet users, which you need to do if you want to appeal to your target audience, then you know that video is what appeals to them.

It is very simple. I’ve been doing Internet marketing for many years. You have to keep up with changes in user behavior if you want to succeed. Right now, studies of user behavior show us that video is more popular than anything else.

It’s okay to be “old-school”. Most methods of marketing on the web that have always worked still work. But you also have to go with the trends.

I though social networking and social bookmarking was a fad for people who had too much time on their hands. I did not think that for very long. I tested it because it seemed that people were doing a lot of social networking. I tripled the traffic to my blogs in less than 60 days using social bookmarking.

So now I recommend blogging and social bookmarking to every client. it works. If you are not already blogging, pinging and doing social bookmarking or social networking, then click here to get started.

Back to video marketing. Online video has been around for years. It isn’t new. But years ago, there were not as many people with fast enough connections to make it truly viable. Today, people can even watch video on their cell phones and virtually everyone can watch movies on their home computer or laptop.

YouTube.com is one of the most popular websites. According to Alexa.com, it ranks fourth on the entire web for the amount of traffic it receives. Fourth out of millions and millions of websites. What does that tell you? Video is the number one way to get your message out to the public.

If you are not already using video marketing or video SEO, then you are behind the times. To learn more, go to our video production or video marketing pages in our website. You will find what we do affordable and extremely effective.