Different marketing strategies and techniques are employed by companies and proprietors in promoting their products or services. It usually takes them several days, months or years to come up with unique strategies that will get them on top of their competitors. At present, one of the most effective and less expensive methods they are using now is video marketing. Video marketing helps companies reach out to more potential customers faster compared to other traditional marketing techniques.

The main reason why video marketing is effective is that people would rather watch a video than read a write-up. They are more convinced to try a product if they can see how these products work especially if there are testimonials by other customers verifying the authenticity and credibility of the product and the company selling it.

“Video marketing takes advantage of people’s lethargic natures. Most people prefer to “watch” something, rather than “read” something because it requires less effort. When used in marketing tactics, video can help retain and influence potential customers who might not have otherwise stayed and read the marketing materials.”- eHow

Promoting a product or service through video marketing does not end with producing the video. After creating a video, you have to make sure that it reaches your target audience. So, aside from posting a video on your website you should also upload/ submit videos to popular vide sharing sites. Some of the popular video sharing sites with millions of viewers are YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe , Veoh and Dailymotion.

Video distribution can also lessen your operating expense because you can upload your videos first on Youtube or Vimeo then embed them to your site. That can minimize the bandwidth you usually consume when uploading videos right to your site. Furthermore, videos can reach out a wider audience when they are available in different video sharing sites. Some site owners might even consider embedding your videos unto their sites if they find it interesting and informative.

“If you promote yourself in multiple places you will start to create a buzz that will bring traffic to your site.” – Danielle Kubus

When you distribute your videos to video sharing sites, make sure you optimize your videos using the right keywords directed to your site. Take into consideration applying video seo so that you can get more views and drive traffic to your website. Moreover, the content of your video should be informative and engaging and it should less than 5 minutes to avoid boring the audience.

The videos you create should reach your target market in order for your product to be known to potential buyers. Thus, after creating videos make sure you properly distribute them to the right sites and in doing so you can most likely generate more sales after convincing a lot of viewers to try out your products or services.