Let’s put it this way: videos are not a requirement in blog marketing or in any online marketing venture for that matter. But adding videos to websites is slowly becoming the norm in the online marketing business today. YouTube, for example, is getting two billion views per day – a huge opportunity for online marketers like us to get a lot of website traffic.

So why not immerse ourselves in this trend? We all know that marketing strategies come and go – new and better tactics are being developed everyday. This is the age of videos. Unless we want to be left behind to gobble the leftovers, we should get busy and get along with the trend.

So how does putting up videos on our website help our business?

Videos help us communicate with our potential clients or followers on a more personal level

Although pictures and text are great ways to convey information, they can only do so much, especially when it comes to expressing your emotions or personality. In marketing and blogging, there’s nothing like creating a personal relationship with your clients and followers. Exposing yourself through video lets them feel that they are talking with a real person and not just a virtual object, which will motivate them to keep on following you.

Stan Black of GetLegalTV.com says:

“Video gives you an opportunity to show viewers the way you look, sound and act. It is a wonderful way to project emotions such as empathy and compassion to potential clients. A visitor who is sold on what you say in a video is more likely to choose your firm over a competitor.”

Videos will help us get a higher score in search engine rankings

“Web video is a disruptive technology that is changing the SEO game,” says Gerard O’Neill of I-Tuts.com. “It has been proven that one can obtain a good ranking on Google overnight using web video.” Of course this involves a very high level of expertise, but still, the possibility of getting high rankings in just a short time is overwhelming.

Online videos will give your website higher exposure especially if they are hosted at established sites like YouTube since they help in pushing traffic to your website. You can also reap valuable backlinks that are very useful in increasing your page rankings just by having a video on YouTube and other sites such as Vimeo and Metacafe.

“Posting videos on your site sooner rather than later will put you a step ahead of other firms competing for top slots on search engine result pages,” says Black. “After posting a video to your website and optimizing it for search engines, potential clients will more easily locate your site and its video content. Seeing a video on a search results page instantly gives the searcher a good reason to visit your website rather than a competing site.”

Videos help us improve our website’s overall look and feel

A lot of studies have demonstrated the need to capture your website audience within the first precious 10 seconds. If the person finds nothing that interests him on your website, he will simply click on the “back” button and leave, never to be seen again.

Now, if you put something interesting on your landing page that will immediately capture your visitor’s attention, you will have a higher chance of getting appreciated – meaning that this person will actually become curious and read your posts and eventually be converted into a loyal customer.

According to Chris May of EzineArticles.com:

“The Internet is a fast medium. You have to be a gifted writer to capture the attention of your audience with a written piece of information for more than just a couple of minutes. Whereas the medium of the video offers you a possibility to get your message across in a more entertaining way. And a high percentage of people surf the Internet to entertain themselves.”

If we have a video on our website, we are sparing our visitors the more tedious job of reading through our written materials. Putting up a video is like putting up a website sticky – we provide them a quick summary of what our products and services are as well as what they should expect to find on our website. Knowing these things through an entertaining medium such as video will increase their interest level. There is also a higher possibility that they will spend more time on our website – which eventually leads to more sales.

Videos make our website look more credible

Ever browsed through a website that contains high quality videos? Admit it or not, they do look quite impressive and credible. They somehow tell the viewers that they are quite a step ahead of their competitors. If a company makes an effort to deliver good video presentations for their customers, then that means that they are putting great importance on them. Having videos detailing on products and services also gives a feeling of authenticity. Customers don’t often rely on mere pictures or detailed descriptions of products – they want to know how it actually looks. A video projects a more accurate description.