As a company owner it is not always easy to maintain your small business’ Facebook presence. Feeling overwhelmed with knowing what content to post, how often, and how to get your audience to engage in what you are doing can cause some social media anxiety. This anxiety might keep your from posting all together. If you are having these issues it might be time to find help by seeking out social media marketing services. Here are some tips to help you increase likes, comments, and shares along with creating a way to communicate with your customers:

1. Share Things That are Working for Others

One of the best ways to boost your visibility in your customer’s facebook feeds is to share inspirational quotes, funny memes, or related stories that are getting a lot of visibility on facebook. Visit facebook pages that relate to your company or products to see what people are liking, sharing, or commenting on and share it on your page. You can add a comment at the top of the post that you’re sharing and give your own spin on the post. This will increase the probability of how many eyeballs will see this post on your page, because facebook likes to show what has already proven popular.

2. Ask A Question

Asking a question on facebook can be very helpful, but it is also tricky because facebook usually will not let you promote or boost a post when there’s a question in it. Asking a question is a great way to engage your audience in what you are doing. Maybe you are creating a new product line and want your customer’s opinion on size or color. People like to feel helpful, and it’s a great way to engage. What kind of question could you ask to engage your audience?

3. Include Blog Posts

Don’t forget to share content from your website or blog on your facebook page. It is important to not only include a link to your blog or website, but also give some background about the post or include a teaser to make people interested in reading the blog. If you had a successful blog post in the past don’t be afraid to “reshare” it every once in awhile to get new people to read it.

4. Share Stories

People like to be connected to companies that have a story. Don’t be afraid to share a story about why you created your business, and post pictures of your company parties or outings. When people feel like they can connect with a business on a more personal level they tend to be more interested in what you are doing.

5. Keep Up On The Seasons

Remember holidays and try to find ways to celebrate them on social media. Sharing photos of how the office is decorated and favorite traditions is a fun way to engage customers. Creating a post on a holiday is an easy way to give relevant content to engage your customers.