Your business card says a lot about your company and so having a card that gives the best first impression to a potential customer is imperative. You can print your own business cards from basically any printer for pretty cheap. All you need is a quality printer, blank business card paper and ink.

If however, you want to take it a step further you can create business cards that make you stand out from your competitors. You don’t have to hire an expensive graphic designer, you can design your own business cards without costing you a small fortune.

Here at ZooSEO, we offer affordable professional graphic design services including stellar business card designs that will “WOW” your potential business partner or clients..

Here are 5 other great websites where you can pring impressive business cards:


Business Cards that Fold


Many services will provide printed business cars that fold over like a greeting card. One of the biggest online printers is Vista Print showcasing an amazing 4800+ templates.

Call Me Business Card

Basically, anything you want can be printed on the inside of the fold from pictures, maps, graphics or more text. Vista is quick and affordable.


Plastic Business Cards


If you want trendy and cool looking, consider a plastic business card. You can add a translucent element to your cards for an even more appealing look. Plastic Printers is a great place to order your plastic cards, as they have superior quality in their work. They will work with your on your custom designs and they have great email customer service. Expect to pay a bit more for plastic, though.


Business Cards made out of Wood


You can have your business cards printed on real cherry, cedar or birch wood for a very unique and unforgettable impression. For that earthy charm and texture, this might be a great option. Wood business cards aren’t as expensive as you would imagine, but they aren’t the cheapest either. Night Owl Paper Goods uses sustainably-harvest wood and eco-friendly wood.


Animated and 3D Business Cards


For a very cool animated 3D cards, look no further than Snapily! Look at your 3D card one way to view a certain image, then tilt it down or up to see a second image. With 47 templates to select from, Snapily give you many choices. You can simply upload your 2 pictures to their website and they can print your animated cards.

1. MOO

Less Money, More WOW Business Cards


If you aren’t opting for the most different or flashy, but just that WOW factor that is affordable, then choose MOO. For an amount of fifty cards, you can have a unique image on one side with you name and particulars on the other side of the card. Although this sounds simple, the creative possibilities are infinite. You can show a different service, product, image of what you offer on every card. While you do not have to have a different image on every card, the option to do so creates a unique opportunity for marketing. Here are some examples of what different businesses could have on their unique side of the card:

Restaurant – Pictures of different menu choices

Realtor – Images of various homes they have sold

Photographer – Different samples of their work

Publisher – Various featured book covers

Retailer – Photos of different top selling products

Dental / Medical – Pictures of “Before and After” results of services

Can you see how the possibilities are endless? If you don’t have your own pictures, there are hundreds of templates from Moo that you can select from. One company had each of their team members cards show a different image from their website with a URL to that related post.

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