Here are some simple ways with brand marketing that you can optimize your small business’ online presence with your social media outlets.


1. Keep Your Company Website Up to Date

Make sure all links on your social media go directly to your webpage. To really engage an audience and get people interested in your company your main website should be in ship shape and current at all times. Check regularly to make sure all links are functioning and the site looks clean and functioning. A page filled with compelling links and pictures draws people in and does more than written information. Make sure your site greets potential customers with something that will attract their attention.

2. Target the Right Crowd, Keep Them Tuned in

It is pretty safe to believe that your followers are going to be people interested in your company, right? Cater your posts to what that target crowd is interested in. Expand what links and posts you make to include similar interests. If you are not using paid advertising or paid boosts, it is even more crucial that you grab your target audience immediately. Keep your audience riveted by sharing current events and breakthroughs and articles that are relevant to your brand.

  • Career tips
  • Infographics
  • Company cultures
  • Stats
  • Stories
  • Tricks
  • How to’s
  • Latest trends
  • Humor

To keep followers interested share free online tools with them.

3. Post Regularly and with Flair

Boring posts with no pictures and little flare to grab interest will likely fall by the wayside and get overlooked. You are in this to grab followers so go big. Being consistent with your posting, like choosing a regular day for new posts every week, will engage your flowers and keep them waiting for more. Don’t be afraid to show personality and humor in your posts. Keep your posts short and concise, to the point.

4. Optimize Posts with Analytics

By watching who your target audience is and how they are being reached you can better know how to improve who and how many you are reaching. How many people are engaging in your posts? Analytics are vital to see what your reach is and how you can improve that reach. Analyzing your overall post effectiveness will help you to draw more people to your page in the future and engage your audience.

5. A Network within a Network

The “Golden Rule” from when you were a child still applies today”treat others the way you would want to be treated”. By featuring other related companies on your page you can increase your own presence. With discussion and content sharing you can build relationships and share your knowledge. You will help others spread their content and increase the likelihood that they will do the same for you. Find complimentary companies that you can do this with.

In this age, actively connecting with your followers is crucial in the success of brand marketing with social media. Get to know your audience and engage them in your business for success today and many tomorrows to come.