Many of you are well acquainted with the fact that Facebook uses an algorithm to set into motion what shows up on our daily feed. These algorithms have everything to do with what you see every day on your feed, and who sees you.

You might have noticed that you don’t get all the updates from your friends, and particularly if your friend list is long. Facebook arranges updates from those you interact with the most, such as likes, messages and comments. It’s understandable why this is done, as being able to see every single feed from your entire friend list would overwhelm anyone. However, it’s time to learn how the system plays against you and limits your range through some excellent social media marketing!

The following are 3 tips on how you can sidestep the Facebook algorithm and increase your visibility:

1. Take a minute and tag people

This does not mean tag anyone and everyone. If people are constantly tagging without relevance it makes a case for unfriending.

Go ahead and tag people in your photos or that you referred to in your writing. You can also tag other businesses or brands that you work with. That increases their exposure along with yours.

While Facebook tagging takes some time, be sure to avoid over-tagging. Simply tag with common sense. And the common sense is that when these tagged folks head over to comment and like, your posts will appear more often in their feed.

2. Share life highlights and high-points

When you hit a milestone, Facebook will actually send it out to a greater number of friends, and in most cases the interaction between friends increases your reach. The result is more of your standard updates are seen.

Here we are tricking Facebook to send our statuses and updates to the people who are already, by choice, our friends, but that is the way it works in Facebook-land!

3. Don’t be stingy, re-share links that are popular

You have probably noticed how Facebook will list in a row down your feed something shared from multiple friends. You probably also notice this includes people you rarely see on your feed. When you re-share that link, your posts will start to pop up on their feeds. This gives you greater opportunity to network. Don’t forget to comment when you do this! Choose posts that are popular, about timely events and/or related to your industry for best results.

Now that you are armed with this trickery, go and conquer the almighty Facebook algorithm!