Have you ever heard the phrase “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first”? In order to have high SERP you must have engagement and overall awareness that backup your site.

SEO for small business is really just a nonstop round of constant change, isn’t it? As soon as you think you have a heartbeat the game changes. What works today may be old hat tomorrow. It can just be plain hard to keep on top of it all. Good news for you is, with the ever changing atmosphere of SEO there are excellent content marketing tools out there to help you remain in the “ring”, so to speak.

#1 SEO Log File Analyzer: Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog has been a long running fave of the SEO market, hasn’t it? It really is hailed as one of the most effective tools in the SEO arena. The screaming frog team has now release this new SEO Log File Analyzer to up your game.

What is a log file?

A log file is output from a server that details each “hit” a site receives including: time, date, URL, IP address and other great data you can use. These files used to be extremely useful and were used more heavily in the past but this new analyzer is bringing them back in a more efficient way and SEOs are rediscovering them again!

The analyzer makes it so log files can be imported with a simple drag and drop action. Then the dashboard will give pertinent information and a detailed analysis of which search engines are creeping your site, how often this is happening and how many pages are creped. It also offers a gamut of other tools other typical SEO tools do not offer.

All of this goodness allows for deeper analysis of your site and will help significantly improve your site and overall, your SEO.

#2 Gmass Plugin for Email

What is crucial to your reach? The ability to obtain relevant backlinks. The problem? Flooding of this market trend and inboxes are overrun with requests. In the end, your email to another site is bound to get spammed or buried in the masses.

Gmass allows for mass emails that are highly customizable and personalized…hello? Helps you not look like Spam! You can send out u to 10,000 of these babies at a time. The way these are designed makes them less likely to be deemed “cookie cutter” and deleted.

This plugin takes the info you have created from a Google sheet and puts in right in to each email on a more personal level.

Gmass provides: click and open tracking, emails reports integrated directly with your Gmail, email scheduling options and can send a reply depending on the last conversation with that individual. The best part? GMass is FREE to use.

#3 Impactana Content Analysis Software

What is the backbone of all SEO? Content! Impactana can drive your rank up through content marketing.

Impactana is a content marketing, video marketing and influencer analysis software that identifies content based on backlinks, views and and comments not just social signals alone.

Impactana is more comprehensive because it has the ability to search the whole text not just headlines alone. It can also search the keywords in SEO optimized titles, as well. It integrated well with Link Research tools to create an even more extensive analysis.

These top 3 favorite SEO tools are definitely ones that every business should employ. These will improve rank search rating. By applying these tools you will have an edge over your competition and your end vision to dominate online can be reached!