To help build your brand’s website, you likely have a blog and are posting to it regularly. Maybe you write something quickly and feel like it’s good enough. Or perhaps you agonize over what to write, how to write it and not sure how to even edit it once you do write it. Of course you want to choose a writing style, and double check your grammer to fix any mistakes, but there may be some factors you didn’t think about.

Part of our ZooSEO content marketing mentoring service is to help you be able to create content that successfully builds and promotes your online presence which eventually will lead to leads and conversions.

Here are eleven factors to consider when writing content for your blog.

1. Craft a Captivating Headline.

Your headline in your first impression and could be your only impression for your target reader. Learning to write a catching headline is an important skill. Try to have something in the headline that will give the reader a benefit.

2. Have a Smashing Opening

Following your great headline, you want to capture your readers interest and pull them into your content. It’s not first 50 words that can have the most impact and give the reader a desire to keep reading.

3. Use Effective Words

Words have power to influence and sway the choices of people. Discover these words and learn why they are so persuasive. Be sure and use them in an appropriate context for your targeted audience and your brand.

4. Write Extremely Good Sentences

If you want to be a typical writer, then write typical sentences. However, if you want to be an awesome writer, then begin writing awesome sentences. It’s not about saying as much as you can in each sentence, but more about saying the right things.

5. Add Killer Bullet Points

Inserting bullet points will help keep your audience reading, as long as they aren’t overly long and boring. You want to use them in a way that keep your content readable. They must be short enough with information that is beneficial.

6. Create Impeccable Sub Heads

Readers will simply scan your posts if there are mostly large blocks of text. Using outstanding subheads will help your readers stay interested enough to read and not just scan. Subheads are like a mini-headline that grabs a readers interest and convinces them that they need to keep reading.

7. Tell an Enticing Story

The best books or shows always start with a character in some kind of conflict which becomes amplified and eventually finishes with a positive resolution. This should also be the case with your marketing story. You begin with a hero, have a goal with an obstacle, then a mentor a great outcome.

8. Keep Attention With Suspenseful Shockers

Emotions created from a cliffhanger help to stitch your content story together. Basically, this is using statements and things inside your content to allure the audience to continue reading. Like small moments of enticement; little bits of Reece’s Pieces to lure ET into your home.

9. Select a Striking Image

To get the biggest bang from your post, let strong imagery help with the load. We all love stories, yet the visual display from that story can increase the impact in a huge way. A picture can say a thousand words.

10. Wrap It Up With Style

Begin with the end in mind. That is, have a goal for the content you are writing so that after you have taken your reader on their wonderful journey through your story, it wraps up just how you want it to.

11. Be Original

It doesn’t take a professional to write copy that sells. Simply having passion for what you are trying to promote can draw your reader in. It might be a simple as recording a conversation about your topic and then use that as your rough draft. Try writing like you speak.