The number one tool for online marketing is Twitter. It’s true, there are many other articles you can read that highlight other social media platforms, even ones you’ve never heard of. Yet the truth is: Twitter is King.

Utilizing an open platform and a large audience, it brings a continuous wave of circumstances for use. It’s a superb tool to use for brand marketing. Here at ZooSEO, we offer social media mentoring to help you utilize Twitter and other social media to build your online brand presence.

When using Twitter, you want to stand out from the rest. To help you do this, here are ten of the best tips for using Twitter.

1. Create Lists on Twitter and Use Them

Lists on Twitter are probably the most underutilized tool, yet it truly is a marketers dream. You can narrow your focus and point your tweets right to the groups you desire. Try making different lists: one for your target audience, one for sharing, and one for influencers. It’s an excellent way to derive more from your online marketing campaign.

2. Present Snippets, Not Headlines

Most automatic sharing on Twitter just uses the headline and the link. Yet headlines have sadly lot their allure. No one likes to read constant updates. Try using a snippet instead. Use various parts of what you are sharing and you can release little snippets throughout the day. This is much more effective and creates more appeal to what you are offering.

3. Stop Thanking Others For Everything

It true that is used to be suggested that we thank everyone for whatever engagement they offered on Twitter. However, it’s just getting too old and less effective. Reserve your thanking opportunities to less often and more genuine times. An even better, less obvious way to show thanks is to use Twitter favorites.

4. Upload Exclusive Visual Content

While we see a lot of visual content on other social networks, we don’t always see it on Twitter. That’s interesting because visuals are much more appealing than text alone. Occasionally uploading some unique original pictures can help give your engagement a large boost. A visual tweet is a more dynamic tweet. Just be careful that you do not overuse it, though.

5. Connect With The Author When Sharing Content

Do not simply auto-tweet or retweet content you find. Instead, it’s much better to go to the original tweet and get the link. Then find the author from the Twitter profile and insert an @tag directly in the content to show the author that you are sharing their piece. This provides a direct connection to the author as they get a notification on their account. In this way a conversation and engagement can start.

6. Get Personal

Be careful that you don’t set up an impersonal tone with your brand. Tweeting as a regular person behind your brand can grab much more attention. Don’t be afraid to be personal by including tid bits that show a human side. This is particularly effective if you add humor as folks love to laugh and relate to you. You will end up with lots of retweets for your efforts. This will attract more potential followers to your page

7. Begin Following The Right Hashtags

There are numerous hashtags that are good to follow and have a super long lifetime. Hashtags are an effective way to relate and connect with a network of individuals who all have interest in the same things. Build a list of hashtags that is used consistently by people in your audience/industry and that produces a large amount of content you can re-share. Do this, and you will begin noticing the results.

8. Be Aware of The Now and Take Advantage of It

You may remember the Oreo tweet last year came after the power outage of the Super Bowl. This was quick thinking that took advantage of the situation and is now one of the most popular tweets of all time. Because of the quick timing and how funny it was, it got an incredible amount of exposure.

If you can always be looking out for these kind of opportunities, you can exploit any situation (even small ones), with a clever and funny mini campaign. Be ready to post about major and minor events. If something unique or memorable happens during an event, that’s an even better opportunity to create a witty tweet about it.

9. Tweet Only The Valuable

It’s simple: if you are always tweeting content that is not valuable to your audience, people will not want to follow you. If you are set on publishing several times a day, be sure your content has value. Check each time you tweet that your content follows at least one of these easy rules:

  • Solves a problem
  • Addresses and Issue
  • Enriches their life
  • Makes them laugh

Monitor trends and current events for ideas and remember to be creative, think outside the box.

10. Be Everywhere

The more that people see you in the sphere of social media, the more they will take note of you. Engage in conversations, comment, make replies and work to connect right to your target audience. You want to become the guru of your industry that is recognized due to your sheer popularity on Twitter. You can accomplish this on influencer accounts too. Just make sure not to become annoying. And always be sure you are adding value to the conversations.

Using Twitter is something you should be doing for your online brand building, but be sure that you do use it correctly. Be careful not to use outdated tips. Things change so much in the social media marketing field, it’s important that you apply the most current information.