Social Media Marketing Service

With billions of people now active on social media, using social media sites as a marketing tool isn’t just a passing fad.

ZooSEO’s social media marketing services are keyed towards the improvement of the interaction between you and your clientele. We don’t just set up a social media campaign and leave the responsibility of maintaining the campaigns to you; we will assist you every step of the way, making sure that your message gets out successfully.

We seamlessly integrate our social media approaches to your brand and its objectives. From setting up your pages to managing and maintaining your accounts, our team keeps your social media presence up from the beginning.

A “like” isn’t enough for us. At ZooSEO, we will help you turn prospects into regular customers. Through our tried and tested social media marketing service, we eliminate small talks and welcome long lasting customer relationships.



Social media optimization is about where and how you post content and information on any social media platform. Each platform is different, and you want to be sure that all people will see your complete information, including your brand information and your contact details.

After optimizing your social media channels, optimizing your content should be your next step. With ZooSEO, we will assist you in targeting the right keywords, phrases, and hashtags to make your posts meaningful. While you might think of social media as another marketing medium, it isn’t the same with other marketing methods. Social media demands you to put yourself in the people’s shoes and determine what entices them to use a service.

Hard selling can make you lose customers. With our assistance, we can help you publish posts that are inspirational and entertaining. Through our social media optimization services, we can help you become the authority in your brand industry.




Promotion is essential. It doesn’t always mean you have to PAY to get your content seen. Sharing with friends and colleagues on a social media channel is promoting. You can post your content onto several different social channels at once. You can send out an email to share a link to your content.

Promoting smart also means finding and sharing related content from other parties. These other parties can be individuals or non-competitive businesses or groups. Commenting on their status updates, liking their posts, and sharing content from them can also increase and benefit your brand exposure.


Once you’ve optimized your content and promoted it, the next natural step is to connect with those who are showing some interest in what you have posted. Many times if you have created helpful and useful information without trying to sell your product, people will actually visit your website to see what you have.

The saying “I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care”, might be effective in this setting as “I don’t care what you have to sell until I see how much you care with the quality of the information you give.”

The key is to respond to those who leave comments on your posts. Find the people who have liked your content and connect with them by making a comment on one of their posts. It’s really amazing the contacts and leads you will find by not advertising your product, but sharing instead. With social networks, it is true about what goes around comes around. What you give, you will receive back more.







Conversion is your return on the investment you have made to the social community. In time as you generate share-able content and keep making connections, your brand will grow and continue into some great conversions that will help the deposits to your bank account increase.

One thing that you do not want to skip is identifying the process. Once you can pinpoint the process of the type of content you wrote, the promotion you did, the way you made your connections and finally how the conversion came about; you can repeat the process and it will work over and over again.

If you neglect this process your conversions may drop. If you understand the process and follow it, you will be able to reap the rewards again and again.

Social Media MENTORING: What to expect.

With ZooSEO’s social media services, we take you on a social media journey from:

  • Conducting a complete analysis and evaluation of your website for social media impact.
  • Determining the most effective social media channels for your brand
  • Knowing how to build and optimize your social media channels.
  • Receiving advices about the most effective Social Media strategy customized for your brand.
  • Knowing how to create fresh content to be posted on your chosen social media platforms.
  • Understanding your social media results.