Search Engine Optimization Mentoring


Better User Experience

Being successful online comes down to two points. These include::

  1. Captivating Content (Content is still King)
  2. User Experience

By securing these two points, you will never have to worry about wasted efforts on your Search Engine Optimization. Apart from offering a great user experience, creating exceptional content still matters in the SEO game. Still, the better you can get at both of these factors, the more likely you will gain an edge in the online competition.

In today’s online community, the processes you implemented 3 years ago may not be effective today. Along with the ever-changing online landscape, consumer behaviors also changed, making them more meticulous about the products they plan to buy. To make sure you will not get left behind, you always need to do something new to make your online efforts successful.

Think about these factors if you want prospects to stay on your website:

  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Can visitors easily understand what your site is about even if they have only visited your site for about 5 seconds?
  • Can they easily know what you want them to do?
  • Is your website confusing?
  • Does your website look cluttered?
  • Do you have something fresh that catches their attention?
  • Are you trying to hard sell on your website?

These questions will help you come up with a great SEO strategy. Through ZooSEO’s seo mentoring, you can determine what parts of your site needs revisions.





Stronger Online Presence




You may be asking yourself, “What does the technical side of my website have to do with my Online Presence?” We can promise you… It has A Lot to do with your online presence.

In January of 2014 for the first time ever, mobile devices overtook the PC usage in the USA 55% to 45%.

Is your website built for Mobile devices?

In the past you needed to build two different websites in order to accommodate both PC and Mobile. But now you can use 1 website across all devices and PC’s. So no matter what device you are using, having a responsive site that is made to fit that device looks stronger than loading multiple sites for different devices.

Besides it’s nice to only have to edit the content ONCE.. not once per each site. A strong responsive design says a lot about who you are on the web.

Faster Website Loading

When you type your website URL into a browser, your website has to make sometimes hundreds of requests to load your page. It has to pull css, java scripts, images, widgets, embed code requests, analytics notifications and applications from sometimes dozens of other websites.

Depending on how efficient things are set up in your website code, determines how fast your load time is.

Google takes into account how fast your website loads when determining whether to rank you. Webpage load time is considered part of the user experience because who wants to wait 30 seconds for a page to load, or even 8 seconds.

Internet speed has everyone in a hurry and if your website does not pop up right away you are losing business.

At ZooSEO, we use a variety of bootstrap techniques to speed up load times. Making sure that CSS and JS are modified, reducing the necessary elements that have to load before your webpage shows up. More often than not, setting up a cache program shortens load times by more than 60%, while making sure your compression system is in place. These are some of the areas we can check to ensure every page on your site loads up quickly.





Optimization MENTORING: What to Expect.






When you meet with ZooSEO’s search engine optimization mentoring team about optimizing your website for peak performance, here is a list of things that we will check and give recommendations to you for:

  • JS & CSS modification
  • JS & CSS being called to the header and footer
  • Jquery Ajax incompatibility issues
  • The size of your images
  • Reducing the number of page requests
  • Setting up a Caching system
  • Use of browser compression

We will also go over:

  • Your website design to enhance user experience
  • Go over errors on Google Webmaster tools and how to fix them
  • Check your sitemap and show you how to submit one
  • Make sure your Robots.txt file is correct
  • Give you guidance on lost 301 redirects, broken links, & 404 errors
  • Go over your page titles & meta description and H-tags

As part of our search engine optimization mentoring, you will receive a full report and the recommendations that we have made for your website. We will also record the “gotomeeting” type meeting and send the video to you for future reference.