Frequently Asked Questions


What is Website Mentoring?

The definition of a Mentor is often referred to as a coach, tutor, guide, counselor and trusted advisor.

With our experience helping hundreds of clients ZooSEO has created a NEW SERVICE:

  • Website Mentoring

With website mentoring, not only do you get a regular mentor, but you get a TEAM of mentors all specializing in different fields helping you with your website functionality, marketing, and compliance issues.


What are the roles or responsibilities of a Website Mentors?

Website Mentors gather information from the Mentees to obtain a clear understanding of the Mentees expectations and needs.  Once the information is gathered, ZooSEO’s team of mentors will meet, discuss, analyze and generate recommendations, which will then be presented to the Mentee on a “gotomeeting” type call.

All information, recommendations and reports will be explained and questions answered and a copy of the mentoring session will be recorded and sent to the Mentee for future review.



What is my obligation as a Mentee?

For Best Results:

  • Write down your 3 biggest needs or concerns in priority order.
  • Write down what you want to accomplish from mentoring. What are your goals.
  • Be prepared to share this on your initial call with ZooSEO
  • After a Mentoring session, ask yourself what it is that you learned and how you can apply it.


What is the first step?

  • Fill out the contact form and submit
  • Write down your 3 biggest needs or concerns in priority order.
  • Write down what you want to accomplish from mentoring. What are your goals.
  • A Mentor will contact you to find out what your needs are and to explain the program
  • ZooSEO will send you a quote
  • Sign up with the program and ZooSEO’s mentoring team goes to work for you.


How long is the Mentoring Cycle?

Mentoring with ZooSEO is on an as needed basis.  You are the one that is in charge of the cycle.

We have clients who meet with us Monthly and others that only meet with us 1 time.

During each mentoring session, our mentoring team gives you a checklist of recommendations custom designed for your website.


Who can participate in the program?

You can participate in the ZooSEO Website Mentoring Program if:

  • You are someone wanting to start up a website
  • You currently have a website
  • Your website meets the standards of our terms and conditions

Google Compliant

What does it mean to be Google Compliant?

Being Google compliant means to set up and run your website according to Google’s quality Guidelines.

Google has guidelines in 3 different areas:

  1. Design and content guidelines
  2. Technical guidelines
  3. Quality guidelines

If you want to look at Google’s Guidelines more closely click Here


Why is it important for my website to be Google compliant?

Being Compliant with googles guidelines will help your website be SEEN in Google search.

If your site is not compliant, you can expect to see reduced rankings, fewer visits, lost revenue and possible Google penalties against your site.


How to avoid a Google penalty?

Avoiding a Google penalty is best done by making sure your website is abiding by the Google Quality Guidelines.

Your website does not have to be perfect, Google does not expect perfection, but they do expect some due diligence in the direction of the guideline compliance.

For a more detailed answer to this great question, visit:

How to remove Google penalty?

There are usually 3 different type of Google penalties.

  1. Manual Action Penalty
  2. Website Errors & Issues Penalty
  3. Algorithm penalty

Each of them have different steps to take in order to remove a penalty.

Please note: Once a penalty has been lifted, rankings and visits are not automatically restored.  Additional work is necessary to restore the rankings.

To view more details about this process visit:

Social Media

How can Social Media be used for SEO?

Engaging with your clientele and potential clients on an online social medium is a great way to build your brand exposure which can generate more conversions.

It’s a fast growing and a trendy aspect of the internet in connecting with your viewers. Because Social Media is a way to gain social mentions and natural backlinks to your website, blog and articles, It’s an effective compliment to your SEM or SEO campaign.

What exactly is social media?

Social Media is the online interaction among people where they generate, exchange and share ideas and information on social networks and virtual communities.  This includes web-based sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and blogs.

Unlike regular television and newspaper media which usually takes more time and money to use; Social media is open to everyone as is just as effective if not more.

Should I get excited about using social media?

Social media affords businesses and individuals an opportunity that wasn’t available in such a way before:

  • to establish and build robust 2-way relationships with customers.

Generally, interactions between a brand and its clientele was 1-way interaction, with the brand marketing to patrons and patrons absorbing the brand’s information.

Currently, social media empowers patrons to personally respond to the brand’s messages and even write content of their own, in the form of Facebook posts, tweets, Google+ posts, Pinterest Pins and boards and blog comments.

What do I do with comments that are negative?

Brands and businesses are not in total control nowadays as clients can write content and post it on the brand’s own social media channels. Most of this content generated by users is very supportive actually, but a small, and at times vocal, percentage can come across negative.

Nonetheless, a business which embraces social media can respond to client complaints in a way that allows the brand to be humanized and show that it cares about its patrons and will make the effort to make things right. This can build more trust between your brand and its patrons.

To be effective in this way, it’s very important to monitor your social media channels so that any complaints that might be posted can be responded to appropriately and promptly which will show that your business is responsive and cares about its clients.

Will social media help my business connect with other businesses?

Yes.  However it is different than traditional B2C companies.

If you have a valuable product, your main objective is to generate leads and buzz and also to boost your brand loyalty.

With B2B, social media is used mostly to furnish easily accessible information to those industry heads and also to ally with important influencer and decision makers.

Can social media replace other forms of marketing?

No. One should regard social media as an important aspect in a marketing game plan, yet we don’t advise that it be your only marketing system.

Traditional marketing including seminars, webinars, trade shows, email campaigns, newsletters, and promotions and offers are still needed and effective and should be part of your whole marketing strategy.

Social media can heighten your marketing efforts in a big way.  It can improve your search engine rankings by establishing yourself as an expert leader in your industry (through blog postings).

It allows you to reach new clients and increase loyalty among your current clients in a way no other means can do.

Do I have to use social media?

You do not have to use social media.

However, you should keep in mind that social media is more than just a fad or trend, it has become the way that the modern world communicates.

Your clients know they can receive faster communication, customer service, and response to questions from social media than from phone calls, and often they prefer this.

There was a time when even the telephone was frowned upon as being only a fad!

How do I engage using social media?

Imagine how you interact when you are having a conversation with a client or friend. Depending on how involved you are in the conversation is what determines  your engagement level.

This same dynamic can be applied to your involvement online. Browsing through the posts, images, and videos of your friends and then commenting, asking questions, sharing or liking them will increase your engagement and show your interest.

And just like face to face interactions, keep it respectful and civil.

Where do I start?

We suggest you start with a single social media platform and go on from there.

Because of its daily use and popularity, most people start with Facebook which has nearly a billion active participants worldwide.

You simply create an account and follow the instructions to get going. Read the privacy settings and make sure you understand them and are comfortable with it. Then you can peruse other peoples profiles and learn what kind of content they are posting and commenting on.

After you become familiar with Facebook, you could consider other platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Website Load Time & Optimization

How do I optimize my website in the best way?

Search engine optimization entails a large number of methods, all of which help to optimize your website. Combining online marketing with SEO has proven to be a good way to attain dynamic optimization.  A combination of online marketing and SEO is a good way to achieve potent optimization. Persistently working through effective methods yields tenacious results, unlike short-term advertising.

What exactly are Meta Description tags and Page Titles?

Page Titles & Meta Description tags of a website URL are the page features which show in search results for that URL:


Your Page Title defines what that precise URL contains for the search engines and needs to be optimized accordingly for your URL to rank for a distinct phrase or word.

Your Meta Description allows browsers to know what your site’s page is about. It’s also enticing to a potential visitor on the SERP by having them see some text to coax a click. Calls to action and helpful information are great options for Meta Descriptions

How is my site viewed by Google?

Finding and identifying your website is often called “crawling”. Google uses what’s called either a bot, crawler or spider to crawl your web pages often and intermittently. These spider bots go through all the pages of your site helping Google to catalog and index it. Google is always looking for the most timely knowledge and data as it is constantly rebuilding its index. You want to share the most current keyword information to be relevant in search results for your pages.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools is a no-cost webmaster service from Google. You can check the status of your indexes and optimize your website using this service. The tools it has allows you to check and submit sitemaps, list external and internal pages, create and check robots.txt files, disavow links, see stats on site crawls, and more.  WMT’s is a must have when you want to optimize your site.

What is an XML sitemap?

The XML sitemap is a great tool. It is basically a list of the pages of a website that are accessible to users or crawlers. It shows the pages on a website, usually organized in hierarchical manner. It assists search engine bots find, index and crawl pages on that site.

What's a robots.txt file?

The robots.txt file has a function called The Robots Exclusion Protocol. It is used to give directions about a website to the bots that crawl the site to ignore specified directories or files in their search. A website owner may do this as a preferred privacy method from the search engines, for example. Another example may be that the content might be irrelevant or misleading, or a number of other reasons

What is a 301 redirect?

The 301 redirect communicates with the search engine spiders, telling them that a specific web page has permanently been moved to different location. This allows the user to reach the desired destination and assures  that there are no non-working or dead, active links on one of your web pages.

What is a Page Rank and why is it important?

Page rank is a Google algorithm and analyzes links to help verify the relative importance of a website.

We’re not sure that anyone knows the exact formula that is used to determine a page ranking, yet it is known that several factors like the web pages age, amount of content, and number of backlinks are used to calculate it.

Some time ago, Page Rank was a means that Google used to ascertain a web pages search rankings. Today it is among hundreds of ranking factors that Google uses to learn a page’s recognition level. Page Rank is still important, but not really the compelling means for determining rank.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a no-cost tool that can help you analyze the behavior of your website visitors. These analytic tools tell you the number of visitors each day, how long they stayed on each page, what pages they viewed, and so on. GA is a necessary tool in helping you amplify the ability of your website to attract browsers

How long until I can see SEO Results?

In this day of immediate gratification and instant results, it is sometimes hard to realize that a good and effective SEO program typically should run for at least six months or longer to see good results. However, results will vary with each client. Patience is key in any SEO campaign. You need to understand the SEO methods are in effect at all times to reach your desired results. And once those results are achieved, they last a long time.

What’s the difference between organic SEO and Paid results?

Organic SEO is the ability to climb in the search engine ranking by natural means where Paid results is using paid advertising to reach the top of a search result. When an individual begins a search, they will see both paid and organic results. Paid results are usually highlighted in some way and placed at the right hand side of the page or the very top of the search. Paid advertising is sometimes chosen to quickly get seen at the top of a search, yet it is the desire of every business to get to the first page naturally so that they don’t have to pay each time a person clicks on their site.


What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is generally your websites home page. Basically a landing page is any webpage that is “landed” on when a hyperlink is clicked from another site. A good landing page presents intriguing content with a call to action, offering an opportunity for visitors to make a purchase or whatever the desired end result is. Landing pages are often associated with Paid Marketing Campaigns such as like Google AdWords, as they may be tailored to fit with the ad copy to promote quality score.

Captivating Content

How do I begin creating captivating Content?

Here is a simple method to keep in mind when writing content:



Begin with something to grab the their attention.  Simply speaking, people care more about themselves and their problems than your business product or service. So the first thing to do is talk about them, their life, their situation.



Next, you keep them reading by sharing things to build their attentiveness. Give them interesting facts about your product or service to peak their interest.



Create a desire in the reader for what you have to offer by showing how it can benefit them.  Make them desire what you are writing about.



Give them an action to take.  Be specific.  We recommend having  a “call to action” word in all of your content.  Words like: find, see, discover, look, overcome, buy, choose, etc.

Why is content such an important aspect for my website?

When it comes to the Internet, content really is king! It probably sounds cliché at this point but it is still true.

The whole goal of the Internet is to afford information to those searching.

Simply put:

  • Having unique, custom, fresh content posted consistently on your website is one of the best ways to yield good organic rankings.

Captivating content not only intrigues and interests your site visitors but is gives the search engines new content to crawl and catalogue. Great content attracts links to outside sites and is one of the top ways to improve your overall online strength and influence

How do I find out what kind of SEO content I need?

Your ZooSEO Mentoring Team can offer preliminary suggestions on the kind of SEO content that may be most effective for your site.

Creating SEO content calls for an understanding of organic keyword use and a knowledge of the importance of balance between content fashioned to meet the needs of the brand and the search engines.

Each writer on our team, has the knowledge and experience to create effective and engaging content.

Our team can mentor you in creating content for:

  • Description of Service
  • Description of Products
  • Main and About pages
  • Geographically targeted articles
  • Topically pertinent articles
  • Press Releases that are SEO optimized
  • Captivating Blog Posts that are SEO optimized
  • Content related to Industry
  • Content for sharing 3rd party articles

How do I write optimized topics and titles for my webpages?

Your ZooSEO team can mentor you on providing topics and titles for your content.

When you are creating content for SEO purposes, writing titles that are optimized with the right keywords is just as essential as optimizing your website content.

Our team has the tools and knowledge to assist you in generating the most effective SEO titles and topics for your website content.

What can compelling SEO website content accomplish?

  • Establish authority
  • Amass links
  • Draw in traffic
  • Boost your online presence
  • Enhance your social media
  • Gain publicity
  • Augment in-bound marketing
  • Strengthen brand awareness
  • Create loyalty
  • Increase credibility and trust