Generate Appealing and Enticing Content


and found ways to shut off traditional marketing. They met a best friend in the DVR for skipping TV commercials, usually overlooked magazine ads, and learned how to surf the Net without getting distracted with advertising banners—rendering textbook marketing strategies not as effective as they used to be.

The industry has to react and the practice needed to evolve, giving birth to content marketing. This clever technique centers on creating and distributing high-quality and relevant pieces consistently to attract a particular set of audience.


for hard selling. The idea behind it is to produce content types that can pique the interest of users, and not to sell directly. Your topics should be interesting and explore different areas related to your business.


to simply publish stuff online, your posts should be well-written because they’re meant to actually be read. You can’t limit yourself to one type of content as well. In content marketing, variety goes hand in hand with frequency. Without proper content marketing mentoring, you’ll be managing your campaign in the dark.

You may have heard

of the nursery rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  This phrase was invented to help persuade children to ignore taunting, yet we know that words have great power to harm or to heal.

In content mentoring, we always say that words can lift, build, inspire and move a person to action. Words make a huge difference. Just ask J.K. Rowling if the words she wrote in her books have changed her life!

Harry Potter
choosing the right words

The words you use

to connect with potential clients will either drive them away or pull them in. The fact is, people don’t want to read about what your business does or how amazing it is. People want to know how to help themselves.

They have problems to solve, and all kinds of things going on in their lives. They don’t have time to read advertisements and information about your product or service. When giving content marketing mentoring advice, we emphasize that handing them the solution is the key.

To grab someone’s attention

you need to show them that you have something they need. So each piece of content you have should show the reader you have something that can:

1) Solve their problem

2) Address an issue they’re having

3) Enrich their life or the life of a loved one; or

4) Make them laugh.

As experts in content mentoring, we recommend keeping these four things in mind when writing  or even sharing content for your website blog and social media channels.

grab attention

Content Creation MENTORING: What to Expect.

With ZooSEO’s content marketing mentoring, you can:

  • Analyze your website and social media content, and look for any duplicate content
  • Determine what content on your website demands revision and learn the best way to publicize it
  • Build or optimize your website and blog
  • Choose the right keywords and articles that will surely attract your target audience and gain high amounts of traffic
  • Receive professional advice regarding the types of content to create for your website
  • Learn how to create fresh content that you can share on your blog and across your different social media channels
  • Measure if your social media efforts are successful