What is Website Mentoring?

Whether you’re a business owner, a company SEO specialist, a consulting manager, webmaster or a digital media manager; ZooSEO Mentors can guide, direct, recommend and help you fix all issues surrounding your website for one simple fee.  When you hire us, you don’t just hire one mentor, you hire our whole team with specialties in all areas of website development and solutions for problems.

Do it yourself!  That’s right you can DIY with website mentoring.  Are you trying to increase your sales?  Do you want your business to be well known in your industry and reach a greater target audience?  Awake at night wondering what more you can do?  Or perhaps you are wanting guidance on how to create your first website and need ideas on finding a niche or promoting and selling a product.

Look no further, let ZooSEO assist you with your online services.   You don’t have to spend a fortune, let us teach you how you can do this yourself with a mentor consultation.  Whether you’ve had a Google penalty, dwindling traffic, poor content or no social media interaction, our experienced mentoring team can fast forward your recovery and help you build your ROI.

one person consultant
A ONE Person Consultant…

Or A Mentoring TEAM

Which one do YOU Want?

Fix Google Compliant Issues

Have your rankings taken a hit?
Has your website revenue
been shrinking?
Has your site received a
Google Manual Penalty?

ZooSEO can help you find
what you have lost.

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Boost Social Media Conversions

Do you need a Social Media Program?
Is revenue coming from Social traffic?
Need a boost to your
Social Media conversions?

Find out what you can do today.

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Better, Stronger, Faster Website

Is your website loading time slow?
Do you have high bounce rates?
Wondering why search rankings are going down?

Increase your website speed and ROI


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Create Captivating Content

Is your blog less than stellar?
Do you have social interaction?
Is your readership growing?

Like bees to honey, learn how to
attract your targeted viewers


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