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Organic Vs Unnatural SEO For Your Small Business

Owning a business these days can seem overwhelming with all the options for online and offline marketing. Sometimes it’s confusing to know just how to build of your business and increase your exposure. To stay competitive, you have to learn how to build your brand online as well as off. One of the first things […]


DIY Searching For Your Best Keywords For Your Business

If you have a business website you know that getting traffic to that site is your main goal. Even with a great website replete with helpful, well-written content it still has to be able to get discovered by a search engine. Business owners may need to go through a little DIY SEO to discover the […]

How To Kill Your SEO: The Quick and Efficient Method

Have you ever wondered how you can kill your SEO? I mean, surely it’s not doing all that much for you, right? Why not just get rid of it altogether? Well, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you the fastest way to kill your SEO, aside from calling the exterminators. The key thing you need […]

RIP Guest Blogging

RIP Guest Blogging: Link Farming is Dead

Before we get into the dirty details, let’s start off by saying that guest blogging has been around for a long time.  Even since before Google, really.  And there are some great reasons to have guest bloggers.  Sometimes it’s nice to introduce a new opinion, or to cross-pollinate followers.  It can give you new exposure, […]

+Post ads pull ahead

  New to Google and social media, +Post ads are kicking off a new breed of social media interactions. The idea of the new Google+ ad idea is that you can use your customer interactions on Google+ to reach out to others across the web.  I don’t mean across the world, I mean on other […]

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